Naples is the city where the ancient is combined with the modern, where you can see old palaces next to modern and colorful subways. It’s an open air theatre where glizy people transform their lives into comedies. It’s the city of delicious food and great coffee, it’s the crowded roads that cover the incredible underground where you can see Greek and Roman ruins, it’s a mixture of languages and traditions. Naples is the city that you cannot miss during your holiday in the Southern Italy. As the city has an high concetration of lifestyle, museums and monuments, we can personalize your tour depending on your special requests. Here are our suggestions:

1. Walking tour into the Historical Centre: a tour made for people who don’t want to spend the day into museums but are interested in culture, architecture, food and the local lifestyle. While walking around the historic centre, you will discover the bustling city of Naples with its colorful streets, great food and unique people. During this tour It is possible to visit the Underground and some churches. Street Food tastings on request.

It is possible to visit the Underground Naples and some churches. It is possible to organize a food tour too.

2. Archeological Naples: a tour that combine archeolgical sites into the heart of Naples ( Archeological Museum, the ancient Macellum, Underground Naples) or outside the city (Campi Flegrei).

3. Naples from Above: a tour on the upper side of Naples, into the neighborhood of Vomero and a visit to Museum of San Martino.

4. Naples and the skulls, between sacred and profane: neapolitan people use to adopt skulls because they believe the skulls contain souls of people who died during peast. They help the souls to go to heaven by praying and cleaning the skulls and there are churches full of skeletons and skulls in the heart of the city. Your guide will bring you in catacombs of the 5th century (catholics used the catacombs when they were persecuted) and in churches and cemeteries full of skulls and frescoes to discover something unique that you can only find in neapolitan culture.

5. Naples By Night: at night time, the city becomes quiet and you can feel its soul by walking through narrow streets and discovering the sacred and profane of Naples. This is a Walking tour to see the City center and its main monuments from outside. Start/Finish time: 7/9 pm

Walk though Decumani streets, see: Via Tribunali, San Lorenzo, San Gregorio Armeno, Piazza San Domenico, Piazza del Gesù, Santa Chiara and del Gesù Churches.

It is recommended to wear comfortable shoes and not to bring luxury things such as fancy watches, gold necklace and luxury bags. Suggested time: Morning.

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    Naples is a safe place to visit. However, we suggest you to take the necessary precaution of traveling in a big city.

    We are specialized in custom itineraries and private tours in order to give you a unique experience.

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