Aunt Lucy was my great aunt from Positano from whom I inherited the name. Today I have four wonderful nieces and two beautiful little cousins, who all call me Zia Lucy.

Aunt Lucy, the American one, moved to Brooklyn when she was young but she came back to visit us every two years, divided by her two loves: the homeland and her American husband.

As a child I did not understand the reason of her continual returns, she always said “you can’t stay away from Positano”.

Growing up I understood that meaning. We don’t go to places, but the places attract us! I have traveled a lot, but I always returned to my homeland, Positano, because I think it’s a magical place, not only for its beauty.

I come from a family of fishermen and my grandmother was a seamstress who has known and accepted in her own house writers and artists from all over the world. My family and friends made me passionate about the coastal mountains and the Mediterranean flora. My mother had the opportunity to know many legends and folk tales about these enchanted lands and about the secrets they hide. She handed them to me and in the village just few of us have had this opportunity.

I studied for 7 years to pass the exam for Tourist Guide in Campania so I am not only an hiking guide but also a licensed guide for Unesco Sites and for all the best places of Campania ( i.e. Pompeii, Naples, Paestum, Capri, etc).

What a better way to share with you all this?
With me you will discover the real Positano and the beautiful nature that surrounds these places.
My intention is to make your stay unique and make you feel like at home, as my aunt did when she returned from the States. You will love Positano and the entire Amalfi Coast, a land of history, traditions and great food.

A piece of my soul came from Grandma Natalina, she was born on December 24 and her name means “she who was born at Christmas”.
She was an excellent seamstress, coming from a fishermen family, called the “Pulese” because they came from Puolo (suburb of Sorrento).

The skill in the art of sewing gave her great fame in the country and most of the tailors from Positano learned the craft from her. One of the first “Positano Fashion” shops was made by Mrs Eva de Ruggiero, my grandmother created for this shop excellent tailored suits with precious fabrics, sometimes hand-painted by local artists. On Cinemonde Magazine cover of 1950, the famous actress Ingrid Bergman wears a dress hand-painted by the artist Irene Kowaliska. Irene Kowaliska used to paint fabrics that my grand mother turned into beautiful dresses.

Grandma Natalina also worked on her own; she used to make wedding dresses and outfits for important nobles families on holiday . She also produced pants for fishermen with a strong fabric from Genova (jeans), during periods of poverty she patched up for free broken or unstitched clothes.

In the Church of Santa Maria Assunta (Positano) there is a dress made by my grandmother. The dress, finely crafted with precious fabrics and gold, is on the statue of Our Lady of Sorrows, it was made about 50 years ago and every piece of gold was worked by hand to create a wonderful floral design.

After learning my story, explore exclusive tours to enrich your journey.

After learning my story, explore exclusive tours to enrich your journey.

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