2020 has been a terrible year? We must find something positive.

I completely lost my job, I couldn’t go out for more than 2 months, when I finally found a part-time job I realized It was just for a few months.

Despite all, I survived… and in a very positive way!

Would you like to know what happened later?
Government closed Campania Region again!
Too many covid-19 cases and a few hospitals to take care of all.

Two days to decide if we were red zone, yellow zone or orange zone… is this a joke? Unfortunately not!
So guys, after discovering that I am at home again, without a job, with a broken Iphone and lots of sunny days outside, I started using  some positive methods of how to get out of a 2020 existential crisis.
Good News: This lock down is a bit easier, we can go out for a fitness workout. Thanks God I am not feeling like a prisoner into my own house (which is very comfortable though).

When you are out of your comfort zone you realize you are able to move on. You can’t make future plans, you can’t do what you like, you can’t see your family and friends every time but there’s an energy helping you to survive and you must release this energy.
How did I release this energy?
With Simple things and here are some suggestions (I hope it helps you too):

1.Make a Plan of Things to do

You have lots of free time you never had before and if you have nothing to do, It’ll end you’ll get bored and depressed. So try to find a plan of things to do and make a list.

2. Hiking Therapy

hiking Amalfi CoastCastle of Scala

Path of the gods

I know the Amalfi Coast has the best scenery in the entire World and I must consider myself lucky to live here, but hiking really helped me. it doesn’t matter whether you are in the most scenic place of the Heart or just in the Green Park close to your house. The most important is to walk!

It’s not only necessary for you stay fit but it really helps your mind to keep away bad thoughts and have happy dreams at night. Walking into Nature really helps because it improves your creativity, it strenghtens your body and mind and gives you positive energy.

Well… if you can’t do Hiking Therapy, you can try to stay fit at home by using different Apps such as 

http://: https://www.kaylaitsines.com

At least those apps help you to stay fit and do some workouts.

I really missed traveling and my job. As a tour guide, my  job is more like having a holiday on the Amalfi Coast with my customers and showing them hidden corners, describing the places with incredible stories. In a positive way I know we will travel again and I know maybe you need to get some inspiration for your next trip to Italy. So, I started making some short videos on my YouTube Channel:


3. Teatime and Cooking

Due to my hectic work I never had time for cooking and for having a relaxing moment. 2020 gave me the opportunity to have lots of free time. I spent it with cups of tea and cooking. I loved drinking antioxidant Tea, listening to a relaxing music surrounded by tealights and Palo Santo scent.

My favorite tea Selection is called Your Tea: more than a simple tea is a great choice of herbs that really helps your mind and your body. I loved the Antioxidant and Digestive selection and I like the idea this tea is also vegan and Keto friendly:


While in the evening I experimented new Italian and Asian recipes. I loved cooking homemade pizza, risotto with Porcini mushrooms and white truffle, sushi  and Thai spring rolls. I also started having Matcha Bowl for breakfast which made me feel healthier than usual.

4. Online Meetings with Friends

During time of social distancing I really missed my friends and family. It was nice to have a good Wi-fi connection so I didn’t miss my Aperitivo with friends. On Fridays or Saturdays, together with my best friends, we organized an “online Aperitivo”: everybody prepared a special drink and something to eat and at around 7.30 m we had lots of fun with WhatsApp video calls. This helped me a lot not to feel alone.

5. Netflix and Popcorn

With the same friends, we created a WhatsApp group and twice a week we were watching the same TV Series or Movies on Netflix. Everybody was at home, we were far away from each other but we were connected by chat, commenting on what we were watching. Here’s a list of what we really liked:

How to get away with murder


La Casa de Papel


The Queen’s Gambit

It’s really important to stay physically and mentally healthy. This year is really testing us and we must have positive thoughts and something to do!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and it helps you a bit.

Have a great day,