Visiting the Amalfi Coast could be one of the best experiences in your life, especially if you add some hiking in your holiday!

A beautiful piece of paradise was chosen by artists and writers, they decided to have a great escape after visiting the most popular cities of Italy. Later in 1960’s the Amalfi Coast  became a really popular place for ceramics, lemons, great fresh food and the warm climate.

People come here not only to enjoy the sun and the marvellous beaches but also to discover our culture, admire the amazing nature surrounding us and enjoy our “too Italian lifestyle”. Classic Tours you can do here are: getting a Ferry or a private boat to Capri, visit ancient vineyards, stopping to the archaelogical Site of Pompeii on the way to the airport.

But, have you ever thought about hiking?

There’s a great selection of trails you can take on the Amalfi Coast: Every path is different due to the geographical position of the Coast and its micro climate which changes from one place to the other. You can do half or full day hikes, combining your walks  other activities and tours.

Hiking on the Amalfi Coast  can be a great holiday for the entire family, a “once in a lifetime adventure”. If you are looking for a longer adventure, you can do one week trekking between Amalfi and Sorrento or vice versa, enjoying off the beaten path and later relax into the beautiful small towns, go to the beach or do some shopping.

Hiking on the Amalfi Coast offers you a different point of view and if you do it with a guide, it improves the quality of your holiday. With a native guide In fact, you are able to connect with locals and discover the hidden secrets of a place. A guide not only points out flowers and places, but also tells you stories you can’t find in books because they belong to the everyday life and to popular traditions. A guide can suggest you the best viewpoint where you can stop and take a selfie and always try to skip the crowds.

Hiking along the Amalfi Coast with a local guide could change your holiday from nice to Paradisiac.

So why not try?

guided tours

Here’s there’s a list of my favorite hikes (… yes, local guides have favorite places too):

1. Ravello to Atrani via Sambuco

Start hiking from Ravello, one of the most beautiful towns in the Amalfi Coast. Before walking, I suggest to visit Villa Rufolo and then have a pastry at Caffè Calce (my favorite bar for gelato and brioche, they also have a pizzeria for lunch). The hike brings you to San Nicola Convent through a path surrounded by ancient dry-walls, small rivers and chestnut trees. After crossing the Convent, you can take a path to get to Minori or Maiori and walk through a pine forest with some coastal views and lemon gardens at its end. I like going to Minori.

2. Papermills Valley

You can read a description of this hike in this post:

valle delle ferriere

3. Path of the Gods

Considered the most beautiful trail in Italy, this hike is suitable for many people (not for those who have knee, legs, heart or balance problems). I’ve done this hike more than 1000 times and I never get tire of it. Me and my guides will be happy to show you the best spots and talk about local legends.

path of the gods hikinghiking

4. Positano to Colli di Fontanelle (path of the 2 provinces) or Le Tese

One of the most challenging hike for length and elevation gain. It’s my favorite for the challenge and the views: Once above Monte Comune, weather permitting, you are able to enjoy the spectacular views on the two bays (Salerno and Naples) divided by the Isle of Capri and the best part of our mountains! If you can’t hike for 13 km with 1000 meter of elevation, I recommend to go for a walk to Santa Maria del Castello through Le Tese Hike (the path where I do a big workout before starting the hiking season).

hiking amalfi coast

5. Sirenuse Trail

Considered the alternative hike to path of the gods, This trail is more beautiful and with a bigger variety of views. It’s recommended for people who stay in Sorrento as its start is only 30 minutes driving.

6. Athena Trail

Once upon a time, there was a path getting the Sanctuary of Athena. Nowadays it’s not possible to get to the Sanctuary but the hike is amazing and it looks like you touch Capri with your hands!

Find more info Here: Athena Trail

hiking amalfi coast

7. Villa Jovis and Arco Naturale

Emperor Tiberius in 27 AD decided to live in Capri. Here an amazing Villa was built, on the highest side of Capri, far away from the dangers of Rome. Here he reigned and here, according to Suetonius, Tiberius engaged in wild debauchery. Nowadays, it is possible to admire some ruins of this Villa and later you can walk back to Capri, taking a path that leads you to a Natural Arch and above the Faraglioni Rocks. Great spots and incredible vegetation will let you feel the real energy of Capri and you will understand why, from The Romans to Romantic Painters, people choose to have their great escape in this amazing Isle!

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