The island of Procida as a tourist destination.

Yesterday I received the incredible news that Procida has been named Italian Capital of Culture for 2022.

Many of you are asking now what does Capital of Culture mean and where is Procida. Here is some information and travel tips for you.

Italian Capital of Culture

It’s a City, designated by the Italian government for a period of one year with the aim of preserving and enhancing the cultural and landscape heritage. Started in 2014, the project supports, encourages and enhances the capacity of Italian cities in the fields of culture in order to valorize social cohesion, integration, conservation and innovation for a better collective well-being. procida won the competition out of 10 cities of great interest. The project, carried out by the Island, represents not only the Isle itself but all the Tourist Municipalities in Campania. A project made to valorize our beautiful land but, above all, to relaunch a tourism that seems to have disappeared. A project which has involved everyone, conscious that culture becomes a fundamental pivot to re-establish connections and relationships between people, to cancel social diversity and break down architectural barriers, to develop a slow tourism, so that the tourist becomes a citizen.


Considered a secret Island, Procida is not as popular as the closer Capri and Ischia but it has chosen by many directors for a set of important movies like “Il Postino”. It is a small enchanting place of volcanic origin with about 10.000 inhabitants, winding narrow streets, colored houses and lavish nature. You fall in love with this Island as soon as you get to Terra Murata, the steep and fortified historic center from where you can admire a breathtaking panorama on the bay of Napoli. Procida reminds me a bit Positano of 1960s: small colored houses of fisherman and friendly people who are really proud of where they live and about their simple life, great food and relaxing beaches.


View of the Port of Corricella with lots of colorful houses in the sunset, Procida Island, Italy.


View of the Port of Corricella with lots of colorful houses on a sunny day in Procida Island, Italy.

What to see:

  1. The Abbey of San Michele: a Benedictine structure dating back the 11th century, destroyed and rebuilt different times, whose current architecture is from the 16th century. Many legends are connected to the patron saint, the archangel Michael, and among these it’s worth to mention an invasion of pirates led by the corsair Khair-al-Din, well known as Barbarossa (red beard). According to the legend, pirates couldn’t invade Procida because the archangel Michael appeared in the sky with his flaming sword to protect the island.
  2. Palazzo d’Avalos: built by the Avalos Family during the 16th century, it became a prison, then a noble palace, then a prison again until its closure in 1988. Nowadays it’s a Museum and it is possible to book a guided tour on:
  3. Casale Vascello: with its colorful houses, leaning against each other, this neighborhood retains all the charm of the past. My first impression was of finding myself in a small world suspended in time, where silence and a few voices of residents help to create a magical and unique atmosphere.
  4. Island of Vivara: a small strip of land connected to Procida by an old bridge and populated by rare plants, birds and archaeological finds. Vivara is a protected natural oasis since 1974 and the only building you can see is a 17th century house which later became a Hunting Lodge for the Bourbon Family. Led by certified naturalistic guides,  visits are available from Friday to Sunday, by reservation and pre payment on: 
  5. House of Graziella: a reconstructed building which commemorates the love of Alphonse de Lamartine for Graziella, a young lady who died for tuberculosis. In 1811, the French poet, almost at the end of his Grand Tour of Italy, arrived in Procida and fell in love with a young orphan, Graziella, who was living with her brother and grandparents in a fisherman’s house. Later in 1849, Lamartine wrote a beautiful novel about this romantic love, made so special by the simplicity and rare beauty of Graziella.

food in procida

food in procida

Where to eat:

  1. La Lampara: considered one of the best restaurants in Procida, la Lampara offers fresh food and delicious pastries. I recommend to eat seared tuna with pistacchio and vegetables or pasta with 4 different kind of shrimps, but all their food is great. The restaurant is sited in a very panoramic area of La Corricella. I recommend to book in advance:
  2. La Medusa: one of the first restaurants on the port, it combines the oldest culinary tradition with a new touch made by the youngest generation in the family. The menu is based on fresh food enriched  with local flavors. You can find La Medusa in Via Roma, 116. At the m moment they do not have a website but you can follow their IG: @ristorante_la_medusa_
  3. Maresia: a hotel and a solarium-beach club with a Lounge Bar, ideal for aperitivo and some fresh salads or sandwiches:

Food Suggestion: Procida is famous for salted anchovies. According to the tradition, fishermen’s wives used to put in salt the anchovies they couldn’t sell. This was a way to preserve food and the smallest salted anchovies are delicious. I have an addiction to them but I understand the taste could be “too much” for those who are not used to strong flavors. If you are brave enough, I highly recommend to taste it.

Where to Sleep: even if many people go to Procida just for one day, I suggest to enjoy the Island more. You can include a stay for a night during your holidays in Napoli, Sorrento, the Amalfi Coast or Ischia. There are a lot of B&B, Apartments and Hotels. Maresia and La Corricella offer rooms and I loved Casa Bormioli:

The Municipality of Procida will organise incredible festivals for 2022. Don’t miss it and have a look at their website:

Photo: courtesy of Giuseppe Merolla