Piazza del Plebiscito

Did I ever tell you I was a shopaholic?

I still have a sort of addiction to clothes and accessories but, growing up, I realized I didn’t need same bags everybody had just because they were from Louis Vuitton or  Christian Dior. You can’t be unique if your neighbour wears same outift as yours!

Everybody talks about “luxury” meaning “a state of great comfort or elegance, especially when involving great expense”. Is this true? Do we all live a life of luxury just because we spend tons of money? Does luxury mean feeling unique in a bar where 10 girls wear exactly like you? Can luxury be combined with unique?

After years of matching clothes with my personality, I understood that unique can be combined with luxury. I wanted to be unique, 100% unique, and it was not essential to spend lots of money. Luxury for me means “having things that you can use for a long time, create your own style, wear accessories that set you apart, show your personality throughout your clothes”.

Why to Shop In Napoli!

After years of living in Napoli, I discovered lots of amazing shops. Napoli has always had a great tradition of high quality tailored suits, handcrafted shoes and bags, great perfumers. Here you are able to find seamstress and tailors who transmit their knowledge from generation to generation since 1850s. It is no coincidence that future brides go to Via Duomo ( main road for wedding fashion studios) to choose the perfect dress for their “Special Day”. Neapolitan fashion style can be classic, romantic, metropolitan, vintage, radical chic or pin up. The perfect mix of all these styles creates a unique way of being yourself, of feeling great by walking through old streets or drinking an Aperitivo with your friends into a speak easy bar. In Napoli “You Can Dare”, and you can wear dresses and accessories for many years because they never go out of fashion!

Where I Shop..

I am not jealous of telling you places where I go for shopping. Fashion in Napoli is so unique that you can find your own style without having my style… and shop assistants are very kind to help you choosing the best for you! Even if I have Miu Miu, Dior and Chanel bags, I don’t like buying those popular brands because I believe their new collections are made for everybody and not only for you. I am always in search of Vintage bags or high quality dresses and accessories that don’t cost you an arm or a leg! Best Streets for shopping are Via Duomo (for brides), Via Chiaja, Via Calabritto and Via dei Mille (if you are looking for Luxury Famous Brands) . But there are some other small roads where you can find amazing shops. And it is not necessary to spend tons of money!

Here’s my list for you

1. To Perfume or not to perfume?

After discovering Bruno Acampora Profumi your drama will be solved by five drops of Musc per Day!

Since 1947, Bruno Acampora has created emotional and provocative fragances involving all your senses. Located in the heart of the Luxury shopping area, into the ground floor of and old Palace, the little elegant boutique is the place where you can stay forever. It is very hard to choose the fragrance you like the most and you would keep all of them. Like in a Candy Shop, all the small colored glass bottles are a strong temptation! Between extrait de perfume and eau de perfume I prefer the pure essence and the choice for “the one” was really hard. Even if Musc has been declared “so sexy to drop men’s pants”, I chose Musc Gold (a meticulous mix of Lavender, Rose, Jasmine, Neroly, Violet, Amber, Vanilla, Patchouly, Sandalwood, Musk and Flowery honey). In case you think this perfume is too sexy or too sweet, no worries… there are many other fragances for you!


2. Extravagant Romance from Nenna Pop

Colored, fun, in a mood of festive atmosphere and with objects all over, Nenna Pop is the shop where you can have the best dress for your mood. Unique as the owner, Mariagrazia Greco, you can’t leave this place without buying a thing. No matter if you wear classic, romantic or ethnic, if you feel young or old or need to find a dress to use at work, here you will find the style which better suits you and, after a great help from the sail assistants, you will be ready for a great Aperitivo next door! Nenna Pop is located in Via Carlo Poerio, close to the “Baretti” Streets ( an area full of bars where lots of people use to have Aperitivo after 7.00 pm).  Follow them on Instagram: @nenna.pop


3. Gently Vintage Look by Roberta Bacarelli

Her passion for Vintage creates romantic prêt-à-porter dresses focused on extraordinary textiles. The lifestyle of contemporary women is perfectly touched by the elegance of the past in Roberta Bacarelli’s dresses. In her showroom you will find outfits for every occasion, shoes, swimming suits and kids collections:

4. What about men?

Since 1800, the best city for men suits was the chaotic and extravagant Napoli! The perfectly designed tailoring tradition continues nowadays with a selection of unique prêt-à-porter collections, and you will surprised by the greatest choice of accessories for men! Between all the tailors in the city ( It wasn’t easy to make a choice)  point out:

Mariano Rubinacci, an elegant showroom where you can also find ready to wear clothes, sited in one of the most popular and eclectic palaces of Napoli:

Ulturale, for your perfect tie:

Antica ditta Mario Talarico, the last hand made umbrella creator:

5. Bags, My Passion

I started collecting bags since I was 19. I believe you can have a few clothes but you need lots of bags because accessories make the difference! One of the places I love the most is Tramontano:

Tramontano is timeless elegance, a way to be unique wearing a piece of art more than a bag. 

6. Mario Bottiglieri, not only an interior designer

When I saw Mario’s Showroom it was love at first sight! Entering the door is like going to another World, a better World reflecting Mario’s personal conceptions of life and energy. Buying something created by the incredible hands of Bottiglieri looks like receiving “light for your happiness”. Mario makes amazing things with an esoteric touch and every single piece, from jewels to forniture, is unique and will tell you a story of love, passion, life. For extra info: