Capri and Positano are picturesque and beautiful towns of  our incredible Italy and they are considered the best places in the world as well. Capri’s stoned and white washed buildings along with peaceful streets, free from cars and noise gives off a very lavish kind of charm with a cinematic touch. Positano, on the other hand, being a beautiful beach town on the coast of Amalfi, is famous for its colorful buildings and exotic scenery.

Although those towns can be extremely crowded during the High- Season, there are some quiet spots to enjoy.

Around Capri Town and its sightings:

 The beautiful Island is divided into two towns:

  • Capri is a busy little town, usually filled with tourists all year round. The town of Capri is situated on a plateau, way above the sea. The island’s main port is connected by bus and a funicular.
  • The other town, called Anacapri, is situated on a higher plateau and can be reached by first going to Capri town since they’re connected by zig zag roads across the cliffs.

Capri is a glamorous little town filled with expensive hotels and little shops. It is a really costly place to stay in but travelers prefer staying there comparative to the island’s other settlements.

The best streets to visit include Vittorio Emanuele, the viewpoint on Faragiloni Rocks called Punta Tragara and the monastery of Certosa di San Giacomo along with the little gardens of Giardini di Augusto. Taking a stroll around these spots and enjoying the view would a be a great way to spend your trip to the island. If you prefer a “off-the- beaten- path” experience, you can walk to Arco Naturale (Natural Arch), through a quiet footpath surrounded by nature and beautiful little white villas, take the steps down to Matermania Cave (with roman ruins) and keep going to the center enjoying the view on Faraglioni Rocks.

My suggestion is to eat at Le Grottelle, a little restaurant above Arco Naturale where you can enjoy pasta, seafood and a great variety of wine.

Anacapri is a charming place on the other side of the island where you can find the little Church of San Michele with an incredible majolica floor dated 18th century, The magic Villa San Michele, a paradise on heart as somebody said and lots of shops selling sandals, souvenirs and clothes.

You can decide to walk to Grotta Azzurra (Blue Grotto) but I highly recommend to take the chairlift up to Mount Solaro and enjoy the view from there.

Capri and Anacapri are also great places to hike, feel free to contact me for extra info.

And… what about Positano?:

Positano is a beautiful and photogenic town situated on the Amalfi Coast, 30 minutes by Fast Ferry from Capri, in the heart of the Amalfi Coast. It’s also the town I grew up and for me it’s a little paradise you can live forever. It used to be a fishing settlement but it evolved to be a popular tourist attraction now having such a gorgeous geography, famous for its hotels and buildings, built and stacked over the hills, making a bewitching view to look at. Many people come to Positano and never leave!

Positano has many beaches and restaurants lined up with them, giving a variety of options for dining. You can spend many hours only enjoying the beautiful scenery Positano has to offer. Apart from the natural beauty, it also has artistic buildings and churches that you can check out. Positano also has quite the boutiques to buy crafted items & clothing from. Art galleries are present in little corners across the streets which will definitely make your time pass well. Of course, Positano has a lot of great places to eat. You should surely try the different Italian foods and culinary artistry that the professional chefs of Positano have to offer. Beef grills, meat and fresh seafood coupled with fresh vegetables and fruits served at the high-end restaurants of Positano will totally fulfill your food desires. That’s the reason why I decided to organize a food tour in town!

You can spend one day enjoying the views, eating and relaxing or tasting great wine. You can take a boat and go around the Coast to be enchanted by its beauties and you can also hike (if you need some fitness).

Other things that makes Positano worth visiting are the Path of the Gods and Santa Maria del Castello Hikes. The so termed hikes are a sure go-to if you’ve decided to visit this dreamy beach town as ascending the cliffs will surely give you a bewitching sight as you meet farmers and see the villages while trekking!