Everybody knows The Amalfi Coast for its breathtaking landscapes. Many people know it for  delicious food.

Many people have the idea of going to Capri by a private boat or Ferry. Getting to the beach is one of the best things to do while staying in Positano?

But there’s someone who loves hiking and relaxing. This can be possible because there’s a variety of paths. Those trails let you discover an off-the-beaten-path way of enjoying the Amalfi Coast.

Many people know Path of the Gods above Positano but many people ignore Valle delle Ferriere path (Paper-Mills Valley). This Path connects Nature with History of Our Glorious Maritime Republic. History made of people and tradings. Local merchants during Middle Ages produced a luxury and more sustainable paper made out of cotton,  hemp and flax. Paper from Amalfi became so popular that was used for Manuscripts and letters all over  Europe.

In Amalfi, just a few meters above the City Center, close to Canneto River there were Local Factories. Those Factories had wheels connected with wood machines who cut the fabrics. After a long process, workers finally produced the luxury “Carta d’Amalfi”. Factories were called Paper-mills as wheels were activated by the power of water.

Nowadays it is possible to hike into the valley and discover its treasures. It is not only a good opportunity to discover local History.It is also a relaxing walk where you reconnect with Nature. And there are lots of lemons!

I made a video which could be a great introduction about The Paper-Mills Valley Hike (Valle delle Ferriere):


We would be happy to bring you to Paper- Mills Valley.  We really take care of our history and traditions and it is very important for us if you discover a place which is far from the crowds and bring you in a more intimate connection with Nature.

valle delle ferriere
hiking downhill